ATR 72 Freighter

Swiftair-HELLAS   ATR72F – Large Cargo Door (1)

ATR 72 – 211 Freighter with LCD

We now operate one ATR72 - 211 Freighter with Large Cargo Door (294cm x 180cm). 

This ATR72–211 Freighter is available with LCD Modules, which immensely facilitates the loading of oversize good or containers.

The ATR all-freight version offers the unique capability of meeting specific regional cargo market requirements thanks to its wide cross section and a Large Cargo Door allowing transportation of standard ULD containers (88”x62” / 88”x108”) or LD3.  

Large Cargo Door

The wide cross section combined with LCD make the ATR the ideal commuter for cargo

operators and customers, for an integrated solution in the 5-9 tons market.

LCD features

  • 2.94 x 1.8 m (116” x 71”)
  • 110° door opening
  • 1.05 m (3.44 ft) sill height
  • Hydraulically actuated
  • Integrated auxiliary door to allow crew access on loaded aircraft 




ATR 72 75,5 m3 (2,666 cu. ft)

A cargo loading system (CLS) is available for container & pallet loading.


ATR 72 from 8,362 to 8,662 kg - from 18,435 to 19,096 lb*

*: depending on ATR version


ATR 72 269 kg (593 lb)


Lateral guides

Roller trays

The installation of the Large Cargo Door (LCD) permits the loading of standard ULD containers (such as LD3 containers or 88"x108" pallets) providing a powerful competitive advantage to cargo regional and feeder operators.

The installation of the LCD module on an ATR freighter provides operators with a flexible, multipurpose cargo platform for transportation of ULD, pallets, bulk freight or both. 




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