Swiftair-HELLAS - Fairchild Metro III / Heavy (3 units)

Swiftair-HELLAS operates the Fairchild Metroliner, with a fleet of 3 aircraft.

Created by legendary aircraft designer Ed Swearingen the Fairchild Metro was developed as a stretched version of Swearingen's Merlin II corporate turboprop and designed specifically to serve the regional airline market. Since its introduction, more than 1000 Metros and Merlins have been built, making the Metro and its derivatives the most popular regional aircraft in the industry. Swiftair-HELLAS operates just one aircraft type, the Fairchild Metroliner. Equipped with twin turbine engines, these 2.000 kg/17m3, pressurized aircraft, offer exceptional speed and range

The Fairchild Metro III, similar to the Metro II, has proven to be safe, reliable and efficient commuter aircraft. It is a pressurized, turbo prop aircraft which is capable of flying above bad weather. It provides a fast, comfortable flight with great range and passenger and cargo load capabilities.

Swiftair-HELLAS Metro III Specifications

Specifications Values

Speed 278 knots / 515 km/hr

Range 1.150 Ν.Miles (ΝM) / 2.130 km.

Runway Requirements Length: Minimum 3,500 ft

Width: Minimum 50 ft

Cargo Up to 4.400 lbs / 2,000 kg.

Max Altitude 25,000 ft / 7.620 m.

Payload For a 200 statute mile trip the payload is. 2,000 kg.

For every additional 100SM, reduce payload by 250lbs.

Max T/O Weight 16,000 lbs / 7.200 kg.

Swiftair-HELLAS choose the Metroliner because of its popularity for hauling cargo, the high speed performance and its long range of 2.130 kms, it is a very popular aircraft throughout Europe and the Mediterranean for cargo operation.


What you need to know        

Crew:  2 ( Captain + Co pilot )

Max. size of a single piece: 135 x 115 x 100 cm (LxBxH)

Dimensions of cargo door: 135 x 130 cm (BxH)

Max. size of a single piece: 135 x 115 x 100 cm (LxBxH)

Freight volume: 17 Kubikmeter

Max. floor load: 732 KG/ Cubic meter

Capacity for pallets: 7-10

Capacity for boxes: 4-5

Max. range: 2.130 Km

Max. payload: up to 2000 Kg.


 The Swiftair-HELLAS Metroliners are operated and maintained to airline freighter standards under EASA-OPS and EASA- Part 145 regulations and supervised constantly from the HCAA  of Greece, ICAO and IATA.

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